small luggage for trip

What does someone do who quit their job? Book a flight to LA, right? This was my luggage for 10 weeks of LA, SF and NY. Less but better.

posters of rimowa in nyc

RIMOWA is a brand with heritage. The level of quality I aspire for Amie. Yeah, they're expensive. What's the value of a lifetime?

venice beach beach house

Venice is a magical place. Sitting there, sketching, drawing and writing. LA is forerunning culture. Especially streets like Abbot Kinney.

Amie pitchdeck cover slide

In SF I opportunistically put together this deck↗. It taught me to be genuine and willing to break rules. Now most of my decks are vertical.

in photography the biggest difference between an amateur and a professional is the size of the wastebasket

Building a startup compares to producing a movie↗. Think like this and you understand why so few win.

handdrawn Amie logo in whatsapp

Creative processes are inflated. You need no fancy tools, WhatsApp might suffice. While in the car with Malte to Lake Tahoe.
Virgil Abloh↗ does most of his work that way.

malte at lake tahoe

Malte. Patient and reflected. We shared beds in SF, Lake Tahoe and Berlin.

edu on bed after run

Edu. Right after one of our nearly daily runs. A very early supporter and dear friend.

bagel place in new york russ and daughters

The bagels at Russ and Daughters↗ were mind-boggling. We waited for an hour, paid $14 per bagel and it was worth it. Quality.

whatsapp screenshot of chatbot

Cafés were my lab. Here is an experiment of creating a joyful chatbot for habit building.

photo of timo and sundowner

Timo. What a guy. Always uplifting and generous. Believing in the vision but challenging the details—invaluable.

baggu bags

Why another tote bag brand? Baggu is an absolute product inspiration↗. They have better handles, thicker material, close partially and have a mini bag with a zipper inside. So buttery↗.

view down from top at guggenheim museum nyc

Tech products are more art than portrayed. Amie's aesthetic is made of countless museum visits.

brooklyn museum photo exhibition

Brooklyn Museum. I wish that photo came out sharper. On the other hand, it's just right. Photography is underused in startups.

early Amie inspirations on instagram

How could you not love this palette? Yes, I use Instagram in the browser. Makes it more functional and less addictive.

jfk airport flight to sfo

JFK→SFO. Airports resemble pure movement. This was for a potentially life changing meeting. It didn't work out.

dennis eating ice cream in new york

This is my 2nd happy place. Morgenstern in New York serves this beauty of ice cream. In their stores I feel like am a kid.

quote of creativity inc

This was the last thing I read before taking off to Cape Town. The end of the start.