What is Remote Closing?


Remote closing is about finalizing deals and sales without without ever meeting face-to-face. They work in sales (SDR, AE etc) who are as effective (if not more so) than their in-person counterparts.

Professionals across sectors close deals and as such grow revenue faster. It's especially popular in: real estate, insurance, software.

What are the Benefits of being a Remote Closer?

AI is changing technology even faster than before. And the demand for remote closing skills is growing just as fast. The benefits include operational efficiencies and cost savings. And also access to a client base without geographical constraints.

The shift towards remote closing has personal benefits:

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • No long commutes to the office
  • Better work-life balance

And also business benefits:

  • Access to global talent pool
  • Increased deal velocity, improved business forecasting
  • SDR/AEs meet quota more often

The Best Ways To Close Remotely

1. Create urgency: Limit the time an offer/discount is valid. This encourages the prospect to make a decision quicker. Say: "I can offer you this price until end of this month"

2. Assumptive close: In your conversation, make your qustions imply the sale is already completed. An example is: "Is a 30 day payment target good for you?"

3. Summarize: wrap up the conversation by taking 30 seconds to sum up the benefits your solution offers. Make sure to base this on the prospect's needs.

4. Offer choice: Present the prospect with two choices, eg. "should we speak again on Monday or Wednesday?". It's similar to the assumptive close. The choice assumes the next conversation is a given.

5. Follow up: Within a few hours of the conversation, send an email summarizing the conversation. You can also lay out next action items if they were discussed. With AI tools that process can be done in seconds. And you can send that email using the email integration of Amie.

The challenges of remote closing (and how to overcome them):

Remote closing, while exciting, does come with its own set of challenges:

1. Isolation: Working remotely can sometimes feel lonely. The lack of in-person interaction can be tough. Make an effort to connect with colleagues virtually. Set up regular video calls and engage in non-work related chat.

2. Distractions at home: The lines between work and personal life can blur when working remotely. A dedicated workspace can help with setting clear boundaries. Let your family or roommates know when you're "at work".

3. Cybersecurity risks: Remote work can expose you to increased cybersecurity threats. Always use a secure network and follow your company's security protocols. A reliable VPN is a must when handling sensitive client data.

How To Become a Remote Closer

Becoming a successful remote closer often begins in entry-level sales, customer success or customer service roles. To-be remote closers should look for jobs on platforms specialized on remote positions. Ensure to personalize your application to highlight why you will enjoy a remote work environment.

The earning potential in remote closing is variable. It also comes with a success based component. Often, you'll be able to get a significant salary increase compared to traditional sales roles. especially when leveraging efficiency tools like AI assistants.

Advanced Tools and the Future of Remote Closing

Closing techniques such as trial closes, limited-time offers, and assumptive closes are even more popular when closing digitally. We expect the future of remote closing to be driven by technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Those will make the sales experience interactive. This is the next step in feeling even more like an in-person relationship.

Imagine a real estate deal being sealed through a virtual tour of a property. Or immersing your prospects in virtual worlds featuring your product's benefits. This will turn every interaction a lot more personal. In a wholesale environment, you may take them on a tour of your newest products. Or even show them around your factory.

You can use AI, VR and AR tools to be among the best and most efficient remote closers. This enhances your sales process. And can even help overcome isolation and home-based distractions.


Remote closing changes everything for those working in sales. There is more opportunity than ever, for those willing to adapt to new ways. AI tools can make you the most efficient you've ever been. Your manager will be impressed by how well you keep the CRM. Making you more successful at your job, and getting promotions faster.