Amie Reviews

People trust Amie with their everyday planning. They use it hourly. And we don't take this lightly. Todos, emails and calendars are very personal. And we're proud to share some of our customers' thoughts.

Amie's versatility is a game-changer for me. I open it up and can read my emails, schedule my todos and see my upcoming events all in one place. Amie helped me a ton for staying productive and getting my things done and it's design is just so beautiful and fun.


Amie is one of the most playful calendars there is. Think of Google Calendar with a gorgeous design and a handful of integrations like Spotify, Linear or Apple Health (sleep, workouts, heart rate). But what I love the most about Amie is how friendly and open to feedback the developers are. From the very beginning they have made me feel valued and part of the process, making sure my ideas and suggestions were heard.


What I love the most about Amie is that it brings an opinionated way to deal with my calendar; for me, it is a way to make life more organized and a tool to make life more flexible without missing my routine and my programs.


ince I joined Amie my productivity has improved. I have all my personal and professional to-dos and events in one place. Easy to view and easy to manage. Creating and combining multiple lists, calendars and to-dos has made me stick to the tool.

Product Manager

Amie is like my best friend. It does everything I want and more. All while still having a great sense of fashion.

Software Engineer

What I most like about Amie is how it bridges the digital gap for me. The haptic feedback in the app is so amazing I feel I am holding a small calendar in my hand. Also, how the workflow between todo’s and calendar events is integrated boosted my productivity and clarity on what I can manage and work in a day. And I love marking things done on my calendar so I see how far ahead or behind am I. And did I mention that the app just looks amazing?


Thanks to Amie I’m able to juggle my full time work as a cancer researcher, graduate studies in math, and all my personal goals, with time to spare. Its integration with Notion makes achieving long term projects & goals much less mentally taxing, and the in-app to do’s ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


I'm using Amie daily for todos and time-blocking and I love it so much ❤️. I have no more todos scattered in my notes app, and finally I have a truly joyful-to-use calendar.

Software Engineer

Amie is the Snapchat of productivity apps


Amie is just so beautiful, plain and simple. Many calendar apps try to do too much, and many do too little, but Amie does exactly what I need it to in a way that screams attention to detail. Being a designer, I'm always grateful to use products that are designed for form AND function, both of which Amie excels that. I now finally look forward to opening my calendar every day, and I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring for the company.


I most like to mark events as done. ✅ Gives you a small reward of having accomplished something and lets you not forget some to dos.

VP Business Development

A word that came to my mind when thinking about what Amie means to me: Swiss Army Knife for what I usually need multiple apps for

Software Engineer

I'm a calendar power user. Honestly, I like the pastel colors. I make extensive use of the mobile app, and the desktop app is up on my computer (while I'm using the monitor). Basically, I use Amie more than any other app.  The keyboard shortcuts, to-dos, scheduling, and AI are nice, and I'm looking forward for better reminders and email integrations. I was overwhelmed with my email of 10k+ unreads before, and now I'm whelmed with my 5k+ unreads in my calendar lol. As a student, they gave me a discount, and the team (Dennis especially) is very responsive. And as a productivity tool power user, who's used a dozen other tools, I stick to Amie.


I love software that makes you feel like you’re a kid walking through a candy shop — Amie is that candy shop calendar for me. It’s playful, beautifully designed, and genuinely has value-adds that no other calendar on the market can provide.


I love Amie. We work with high-level entrepreneurs to optimise performance and generally integrate it into their workflows to maximise productivity. It's a no-brainer.

Performance Coach