Dennis Mülller

Amie update #115

July 4, 2024

joining meetings

we brought back our Obtrusive Island™, (or picture-in-picture calendar, a little floating window).

enable in settings > menu bar. speaking of which:

  • we now show today + tomorrow in the menu bar
  • events should now be more up-to-date as well

and we've made joinable meetings more prominent in the dock

btw, you can now also use ⌥+Control+A to open Amie from anywhere, both on macOS and Windows.


we shipped a ton of small improvements for our new windows app :)

we now have a custom title bar and email notifications.

we also fixed bugs around the app only opening from system tray.

coming up soon™

  • new: recurring todos (ETA: in the next 1-2w)
  • new: ai meeting notes (ETA: late july, beta tests earlier)
  • new: iOS apple calendar support for Amie Pro (july)

bug fixes

  • ai scheduling: upcoming todos were being rescheduled multiple times, small issues with the preferred times
  • ai scheduled todos don't flicker anymore on app launch
  • auto save todo description (so no data is lost when you close the app with the todo description open)
  • allow to disconnect Zoom integration directly from Amie
  • imported email signature spacing is corrected
  • if you overrode a calendar name outside Amie, we display it correctly
  • event details sometimes closed when changing the start date of a recurrent event
  • show event confirmation modal correctly when event contain attendees
Dennis Mülller

Amie update #114

June 18, 2024

ai scheduling

it's more responsive now and also supported on iOS. but that's just the entrée.

the main: in settings > general, you can now set preferred times™. just use natural language to create even complex preferences. this gives you full customizability.

and for dessert: you can now schedule all todos in a list (no longer only prio or deadline todos)

you can make both these changes in settings > lists. each list can have it's own scheduling preferences.

pomodoro timers

long overdue! for our favorite pro(modoro) users, we now display timers in the menubar. AND we now show a notification when it finishes. AND we also play a soothing short sound. no jumpscare like with the OG iPhone alarm, promise.


good things come to those who wait, right?

well, now you can download our windows app on the website. or by clicking here

have fun and lemme know what you think

coming up soon™

  • new: recurring todos (ETA: june)
  • new: more AI Chat glow-up (june)
  • new: iOS apple calendar support for Amie Pro (july)

new improvements

  • added setting to hide todos in the all-day section
  • show event location preview in event card
  • when deleting an email, we now focus on the next email
  • auto-assignee yourself when creating todos via Notion integration
  • we now import subtodos from Things (not yet from Amie → Things)
  • priority todos now show at the top of their sublist

bug fixes

  • all day events from apple calendar don't show empty
  • creating events in apple calendar won't fail
  • clicking outside the calendar will now also close the event
  • event display correctly when opening from search
  • event privacy when created from todo correctly respects your preference
  • no more push notifications for events in background calendars

what should we do next? just email dennis@

☀️ dennis

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #113

May 30, 2024

todo glow-up

we shipped a few small settings that together have big impact

  1. hide todos scheduled with a date but no time (so the ones in all-day)
  2. decide if scheduled todos should by visible or private
  3. decide if scheduled todos should by free, busy or based on priority/deadline

email attachments

.pdf, .jpg, .ami, whatever it is. you can now upload files on desktop 🙏 (inline images coming tomorrow)

or view attachments on iOS. uploading there from next week :)

new improvements

  • right-click to unschedule a todo in your calendar
  • desktop app now has native context menu
  • set up to 5 reminders per event
  • booking page now jumps to the first available day
  • made finding available days easier
  • the calendar grid now performs faster (iOS)

bug fixes

  • microsoft teams links can now always be joined directly
  • todoist dates don't get imported anymore if option is off
  • todos don't get double-created anymore if list is connected to linear
  • selection now resets after scheduling a todo
  • background calendars now don't overlap anymore
  • dropdown to select todo time now scrolls correctly
  • todo list progress icons are correct on low screen resolutions
  • marking email as done via button now proceeds to next
  • fix events overlapping
  • event colors now update instantly after changing the calendar's color
  • when adding tasks in Today list, we no longer jump to Inbox
  • when rescheduling a todo, we now keep the duration
  • newly created events now appear immediately (iOS)

coming up soon™

  • new: windows app (very soon)
  • new: AI Chat glow-up (next week)
  • new: apple calendar support for Amie Pro (iOS ETA: june)
  • new: recurring todos (ETA: june)

big changelog, hope you had fun with it 🌸

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #112

May 16, 2024

email attachments

you can FINALLY view inline attachments on iOS and desktop.

and you can view/download file attachments on desktop. (for emails imported recently, old email support coming). we're shipping the same on iOS in the next week.

attaching files yourself is coming next 😈

we keep shaping up our email experience to be fully-fletched. what else are you missing?

ai scheduling

we added two todo settings:

  • schedule them private by default
  • schedule them free/busy by default

next we're shipping two highly requested improvements:

  • set personal/work/... schedule and use that to schedule
  • we'll ai schedule todos scheduled for a day (without time)

new improvements

  • Notion: Sync only items assigned to you
  • Notion: Sync items based on their status
  • upgraded our AI model
  • added sorting for Inbox and Today lists
  • play recently listened Spotify songs

bug fixes

  • duration are aligned on iOS and web
  • emails don't have too-big linebreaks
  • better performance of calendar (iOS)
  • duration gets used correctly when moving events (iOS)
  • no more sync delay when creating event (iOS)

coming up soon™

  • new: attachments for emails (ETA: may)
  • new: apple calendar support for Amie Pro (iOS ETA: mid may)
  • new: recurring todos (ETA: may)

see you soon

Dennis Müller

Amie update #111

May 7, 2024

ai scheduling

one of our biggest features in a while. and boy have you requested it! 🤣

todos with a priority/deadline will now be auto scheduled. and if your plans change, they auto reschedule.

we give you a 15min break by default between todos (change it in settings if you like)

the next steps for us are:

  • handle ai scheduling ALL todos
  • offer different schedules (not just work hours, so your personal todos can be done in personal time)
  • ai suggest durations, priority and schedules
  • allow doing one todo across multiple events

new improvements

  • the event overlapping should be wayyy clearer now
  • made it easier to manage your calendars in settings
  • change todo's duration from context menu (right-click)
  • todo title now supports up to 3 lines
  • set default free/busy for scheduled todos
  • add deadlines (iOS)

bug fixes

  • app could get stuck in event resize mode
  • some all-day and multi-day events were presented incorrectly
  • the scheduled date was wrong when adding a time (iOS)
  • the app crashes less when you have many emails or sleep sessions
  • items deleted in notion now get deleted in Amie

coming up soon™

  • new: attachments for emails (ETA: mid may)
  • new: apple calendar support for Amie Pro (iOS ETA: mid may)
  • new: recurring todos (ETA: may)

see you soon

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #110

April 23, 2024

email push notifications

yes! finally push notifications directly open the email 🙌

we also added options to mark done (archive) and mark them a priority :)

new improvements

  • we now remember your last "Notify guests" selection (a personal favorite ha)
  • set todo durations (iOS)
  • set reminder duration faster with preset options
  • remember whether All day section was open (iOS)
  • set email push notification settings (iOS)
  • you can now hide apple calendars from your menu bar

bug fixes

  • emails open faster (iOS)
  • mark unread works again
  • todo descriptions were cut off at the end
  • default reminders work again

coming up soon™

  • new: ai auto-scheduling for todos (ETA: beta end of this week)
  • new: attachments for emails (ETA: early may)
  • new: apple calendar support for Amie Pro (iOS ETA: mid may)

excited for the next weeks ❤️‍🔥 ☀️ dennis

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #109

April 15, 2024

todo deadlines

you can now set a deadline for your todos. this will be especially helpful for the ai scheduling, we're building right now 😈

coming to iOS later this week!

fixes and improvements

  • new: align today in view, you can now left-align today, not just monday/sunday
  • new: you can now drag-n-drop todos into a day in the monthly view
  • fix: we don't send email push notifications for old but not-yet-imported emails anymore
  • fix: we improved handling of scheduling todos in an Apple calendar
  • fix: we improved not being able to scroll a long todo description
  • fix: we improved visual alignment in the email list overview
  • fix: double-click to create an event in the monthly view works properly

see you soon

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #108

April 10, 2024

priorities on iOS

go ahead and mark todos as priority or super priority (long-press for that)

apple calendar improvement (on macOS)

it's pretty much ready for prime time now

  • fix: join video calls
  • fix: you can now edit guests of apple calendar events in Amie
  • fix: show events only once if they exist in google and apple calendar

last thing we'll do: allow editing recurring events

fixes and improvements

  • improvement: lists can now be managed from settings
  • improvement: booking links show a nice preview image
  • improvement: sort todo lists by title, priority, newest and oldest (on iOS)
  • improvement: push notifications are now shown when app is in foreground (on iOS)
  • fix: todo name is now autofocused again when pressing Enter

coming up soon™

  • new: attachments for emails (ETA: in 1.5w)
  • new: ai auto-scheduling for todos (ETA: mid-end april)
  • new: apple calendar support for Amie Pro (iOS ETA: mid may)

enjoy the updates and the week 🐻‍❄️

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #107

April 2, 2024

hey, thanks to all of you who trialed Amie Pro after the last changelog 🫡

apple calendar on macOS!

one of the biggest requests ever is rolling out for macOS! ❤️‍🔥

it says alpha but 95% already works. pro users can enable it in settings > integrations.

the last missing bits are coming this week:

  • adding guests within Amie
  • join video calls
  • edit recurrence
  • change an event's calendar from apple to google.

calendar crusher

you gotta find out whether or not this is a joke. and the best way to find out is pressing ⌘+K and look for calendar crusher.

have fun 🤣

fixes and improvements

  • improvement: clearer flows to notify guests (on iOS)
  • fix: durations don't get reset anymore via todoist
  • fix: after coming back online, todos will be synced immediately

coming up soon™

  • new: todo priorities on iOS (ETA: wednesday)
  • new: attachments for emails (ETA: in 2w)
  • new: ai auto-scheduling for todos (ETA: mid-end april)
  • new: apple calendar support for Amie Pro (iOS ETA: mid may)

happy tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun (whenever you read this, really) 🧤

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #106

March 25, 2024

hey, thanks to all of you who trialed Amie Pro after the last changelog 🫡

email push notifications

you can now get push notifications for emails on desktop and iOS! 💌

in desktop settings: turn them on/off for Email, Other or Calendar emails (this will be reflected on iOS too). we'll soon open the email directly from the push.

question: how could we improve our email routing for you? (ie. Email, Other, Calendar)

email signatures (once more)

signatures now get added for emails/replies on iOS :)

  • new: you can update signatures from within Amie (on desktop)
  • fix: we now handle complex signatures correctly

Private notes (for Amie Pro)

ever wanted to prepare for a meeting but not share that with guests? or take your own notes during a call? no?

well, now you can! (my personal fav use case: take notes during an interview. makes them super easy to find later)

fixes and improvements

  • improvement: when deleting a list, decide if you want to keep its todos (on iOS, desktop had this)
  • fix: we fixed 12 issues with todo creation and updating! there should be (nearly) no more issues ❤️‍🔥
  • fix: we fixed a bug where we removed the recurrence on todoist todos

coming up soon™

  • new: todo priorities on iOS (ETA: this week)
  • new: apple calendar support for Amie Pro (macOS ETA: next week, iOS ETA: tbd!)
  • new: attachments for emails (ETA: early-mid april)
  • new: ai auto-scheduling for todos (ETA: tbd, just started)

lets all have a great week, ok? 🫦

Dennis Mülller

Amie update #105

March 18, 2024

P1-P3: Set Priority or Super Priority

You can now add priority and super priority to todos and emails. So happy they actually feel like ✨ Amie ✨. Priorities in other tools always felt like Work.

We made it so that you can only set 3 Super Priority across lists to make them meaningful. Also, we shipped a ridiculous easter egg, let's see if you can find it.

Email Signatures

We heard you! Signatures are important. Compose an email and we'll append your signature (it needs to be set in Gmail). We're just waiting on Google right now to also be able to create/update signatures.

This is working on Desktop, and will be included in the next iOS release too.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improvement: Create todos from the iOS Share Sheet
  • Improvement: Allow hiding snoozed todos (until the time has come)
  • Fix: Made the Send email entry point clear
  • Fix: Ask to send notifications when drag-n-dropping an event (iOS)